A Glance at the Brad Ross for Martin Cahill Trade

A few weeks ago, the Boston Cannons and Rochester Rattlers made a trade that sent Martin Cahill to the Cannons and Brad Ross to the Rattlers. Rochester has won two in a row and the Cannons are now in second place in the league overall. So far, who has won this trade?

Cahill was really struggling with Rochester, with no points in five games. In his three games with Boston, things are not all too much better.  He has just one goal as his only point.

The struggles for Cahill are surprising, as he had eighteen points in eleven games last season, and no one really saw something like this happening. It was thought the change of scenery to his hometown Cannons might help. The season still has a lot of life left, so things could change.

Meanwhile in Rochester, Brad Ross has played in four games and is doing considerably better. He has six goals, two of them being two point goals. He has added a deep threat to the Rattlers roster, something they were missing.

Ross was a good player with the Cannons, so his success with the Rattlers is not surprising. Rochester has now won two games in a row, and he has been a part of it.

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