All-Name March Madness: Round 2

Yesterday I brought you round one of the very first all-name field lacrosse bracket. We narrowed down the field from 64 to 32. Let’s get to today’s matchups and see who moves on!


Round 2

South Region

1 Shackleford Stanwick, Johns Hopkins
9 JoJo Marasco, NY

These are two great names. Shackleford Stanwick and JoJo Marasco is a tough matchup. But in the end, I think Shackleford Stanwick is just too great of a name.

Winner: 1 Shackleford Stanwick, Johns Hopkins

5 Hampton Brannon, UMass
13 Colin Chell, Ohio St.

Chell bruh? Yeah, Chell is moving on.

Winner: 13 Colin Chell, Ohio St.

11 Alexander Trippi, North Carolina
14 Colin Heacock, CHES

This a tough one because both have such electric last names in Trippi and Heacock. But in the end, I just love the last name Trippi too much. Sorry Heacock.

Winner: 11 Alexander Trippi, North Carolina

7 Bailey Tills, DEN
15 Dox Aitken, Virginia

Bailey, I’m sorry. I know I said us Bailey’s stick together but Dox is such a rare name, and he has got a great last name too. And the 15th seed is moving onto the Sweet Sixteen.

Winner: 15 Dox Aitken, Virginia


West Region

1 Wellington Stanwick, ATL (as of 2017)
8 Tehoka Nanticoke, Albany

Tehoka has not lost a game yet in his college career… but will take his first L in this matchup. Sorry, Tehoka.

Winner: 1 Wellington Stanwick, ATL (as of 2017)

12 Reed Junkin, UPenn
4 Carney Mahon, Harvard

Reed Junkin is 2-0 against Carney Mahon and Harvard in his college career. And with that in mind, Junkin will now improve to 3-0 against Mahon as the #12 seed is moving on to the Sweet Sixteen.

Winner: 12 Reed Junkin, UPenn

6 Cougar Kirby, Albany
14 Brody Wilson, Yale

The surfer/ultimate frisbee name of Brody Wilson is falling to the Cougar in this one. A surfer/ultimate frisbee player can’t stop a powerful cougar so Cougar Kirby is moving on.

Winner: 6 Cougar Kirby, Albany

10 Forrest Lambert, DEN
2 Goran Murray, CHES

Run Forrest, keep running! Forrest is running all the way to the sweet sixteen.

Winner: 10 Forrest Lambert, DEN


East Region

1 Deemer Class, ATL
8 Blaze Riorden, DAL

These are two of the best names out there in Deemer Class and Blaze Riorden. This a tough matchup and I love both names but the fact that Riorden has not played much in the MLL becomes the reason why Class moves on.

Winner: 1 Deemer Class, ATL

12 Tyler Pfister, OHIO
4 Raines Shamburger, Duke

Raines Shamburger gets the edge over Pfister because of the better first name. Raines>Tyler.

Winner: 4 Raines Shamburger, Duke

11 Luke Goldstock, NY
3 Dar Sleeper, Michigan

I’m not sleeping on Dar this round, either.

Winner: 3 Dar Sleeper, Michigan

10 Jack Starr, Yale
2 Declan Swartwood, St. John’s

Sorry, Jack but there are no shooting stars coming in this round to get you this upset.

Winner: 2 Declan Swartwood, St. John’s


Midwest Region

1 Colton McCaffrey, Denver
8 Morgan Cheek, Harvard

Down goes the #1 seed, down goes the #1 seed! Morgan Cheek is just all around a better name than Colton McCaffrey and with that Cheek is moving on.

Winner: 8 Morgan Cheek, Harvard

5 Keegan Khan, Villanova
4 Wheaton Jackoboice, Notre Dame

This is a great name matchup in Keegan Khan and Wheaton Jackoboice. Wheaton Jackoboice is just such an unheard of name and is an amazing name so I’m riding with Jackoboice.

Winner: 4 Wheaton Jackoboice, Notre Dame

6 Steele Stanwick, CHES
14 Peter Baum, OHIO

Sorry, Baum squad, it’s gonna be a second-round exit.

Winner: 6 Steele Stanwick, CHES

7 Greyson Torain, Navy
2 Wilkins Dismuke, DEN

Greyson Torain is just not a better name than Wilkins Dismuke.

Winner: 2 Wilkins Dismuke, DEN


TOMORROW: Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four – and our championship winner.