RMLC Pre Season Check In

December 13, 2012

The Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Conference is considered the third best conference behind the UMLL and the CCLA. It has great programs like Westminster, Montana St., and ¬†Northern Colorado. In the last few years the conference has taken a back burner in the D2 level, mainly because of its D1 level that has won a number of championships and had countless teams in the top 20. They also have become more…


MCLA: The Podesta Proposal

December 6, 2012

With the MCLA Executive board having met this last weekend in Dallas, TX and one of the big topics was the restructuring proposal. The proposal is headed up by Gary Podesta, former head coach at UC Santa Clara and Chair of the Competition Committee. This proposal, which I have come to call the Podesta Proposal, has a nice ring to it don’t ya think, mainly deals with separating the current…


MCLA and the Big Ten

December 3, 2012

Ok over last few weeks we’ve had a lot of action with the Big10 and new teams coming into it. For most of us we see the teams that moved and say that all they want is the money that the Big10 network rakes in every year. A ton of people have weighed in on this whole subject and most are saying that they hate the idea of Maryland and…


SELC D2 Pre Season Rankings

November 29, 2012

The South Eastern Lacrosse Conference is one of the bigger conferences in the MCLA, with pereneal powers SCAD and Elon both hailing from the SELC. With teams like SCAD and Elon in the conference, and both going to the National Tournament last season, the chances for newer teams like Coastal Carolina and Liberty to make it to the dance. My personal belief is that due to graduation, and the nature…


Liberty Flames Season Preview

November 27, 2012

The Liberty Flames are one of the newest teams in the MCLA. The Flames hail from Lynchburg, Virginia and in only three years have become a force to be reckoned with in the SELC. The Flames last year went 7-2, only losing to SCAD and Elon. The Flames finished their season with a rematch against Elon in SELC semi- finals, Elon went on to win the SELC later in the…


Who Will Win The GRLC D2 Championship in 2013?

November 23, 2012

The Great River Lacrosse Conference covers an area not known for its lacrosse history. The conference is situated right in the middle of the country and includes teams like Missouri Baptist, Missouri St., and Walsh University- St. Louis. With only one qualifying team coming from the GRLC the last few years it is imperative that if you are in the GRLC you need to win the conference to get to…


Will We See an UMLL Champion This Year?

November 20, 2012

The UMLL is considered one of the most dominate conferences in the MCLA in the last few years the UMLL has won the National Championship more times than any other conference than any other. With teams that like St. Thomas, St. Johns, and now North Dakota State who are big players on the national stage and contenders for national titles year in and year out. When looking at the UMLL…


MCLA D2 Pre Season Power Rankings

November 17, 2012

With the winter coming up fast we get to speculate where teams will start off the season by only looking at where they finished the season and which of the players for each team we know are coming back. One of the hardest things with the MCLA is trying to speculate a team’s incoming Freshman class and how much of an impact the youngsters will have on the team. Now…


Players to Watch in MCLA Division Two

November 13, 2012

In the MCLA D2 last few years we have had some amazing talent come through the ranks. With the likes of Joe Costello, Cam Holding, and now Jack Dumsa ¬†as last three huge names to come through the D2 level. We now have to look for the new faces of the MCLA D2. These are just some of the players that I see making the biggest contributions to their teams…