Simmons: Is the ACC As Good As Advertised?

March 11, 2014

Read off the schools listed in the ACC: Duke, Notre Dame, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, and Syracuse. What you are looking at is 24 National Championships (including Syracuse’s vacated 1990 National Championship) and 46 National Championship appearances. At the start of the season, the hype surrounding the ACC was immense. However, several weeks in some questions have arisen. Were we fooled by the name recognition of these blue chip lacrosse…


Simmons: Quality Wins From Penn, Loyola

March 3, 2014

Tewaaraton Trophy Watch List Last week the Tewaaraton Foundation posted its list of the top 50 players in NCAA men’s lacrosse. While a very early release, the committee left off a few notable names. Although Virginia had four players included on the list, one player was conspicuously left off: James Pannell. One would think after awarding the Trophy to James’ brother Rob, the Foundation would remember the Pannell name. All…