Bandits Quiet on Wiles and Smith

After session one of the Buffalo Bandits training camp yesterday, lots of talk was about Luke Wiles and Bill Dee Smith, still not reported to Buffalo.

Wiles and Smith are both free agents and were cornerstones of the 2012 teams. Smith bounced back from his knee injury to be a dominant defender again while Wiles had a career season scoring.

The Bandits, however, are still not saying anything about these unsigned veterans. “No, I’m not really involved with that this year,” head coach Darris Kilgour explained to, “and I don’t want to get involved with those guys whatsoever.”

The Bandits traded for right handed shooter Aaron Wilson last month, indicating the possibility that Wiles might not be signing with Buffalo for 2013.

“We’re working toward getting them signed, but I’d rather talk about the guys that are here today,” general manager Steve Dietrich said to, giving little hint of progress. “We’re going to do everything we can to get them signed, but as to how far we are, that’s not up to us to talk about.”

Some good news that came out of Bandits camp was that both Mark Steenhius and Scott Self had light workouts at Bandits camp. Kilgour said that Self had a hip procedure and Steenhius also got a torn tendon in his hip repaired. They should both be ready for the season.