Bandits Sign Colin Boucher For Two Years

Colin Boucher is a 25 year old coming from the Canadian Lacrosse League. Standing in on defense at 6’5” and 235 lbs, he is a big boy. It makes sense the Bandits would sign more defensemen as they focused heavily on forwards and transition players for the majority of the offseason. I have to ask, though, is Boucher a good fit for the Bandits?


    Boucher comes to Buffalo with quite a few advantages:

  1. He grew up around the sport

  2. He grew up geographically close to Buffalo relative to other U.S./Canadian cities players come from

  3. Canadian boxla tends to be a bit faster and more aggressive than Indoor Lacrosse

  4. He’s youthful

  5. More indoor experience than a recently graduated NCAA outdoor player


    All those “advantages” would make it plausible and realistically believable that he will fit in greatly on the Bandits. The team signed him to a 2-year contract pending league review. I would consider that optimistic and bold of the Bandits to sign a longterm (for NLL) contract with Boucher. I’m sure Boucher comes with his own unique and strong resume of lacrosse experience, I mean the Bandits are not stupid or blind. They are a professional lacrosse organization.


    I know if I came from an area of smaller spectatorship and fewer cities than a country like America, then the lifestyle transition could be challenging, especially for a young guy. There’s a lot more media coverage in the US than many other countries. The potential for a bigger crowd at events can be intimidating at times. NCAA athletes have a better feel for the media coverage America has from playing Division I and II sports, and may be able to handle it better.


    Boucher is one of the few adjustments Cordingley is making to his defense. Therefore, the statistical chance of Boucher having an immediate noticeable impact is greater than the same chances on offense (for example). His young energy and speed will help make up for the slack of older defensemen.


    Colin Boucher will make a great addition to Buffalo Bandits. It make take him a half season or so to find his niche, but he’ll be playing the medicine game all-the-while having practiced in preseason exhibition matches. Come December 28 against the Philadelphia Wings, he will be settled in and ready to go.

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