Bandits Talk: Planning to Bring Back Tavares

This off season we plan on going one on one with every general manager in the National Lacrosse League to discuss the latest news. We spoke with Steve Dietrich about the Buffalo Bandits this week. Below are notes on four main areas of pre season talk with NLL teams.

Free Agency:  The plan is for John [Tavares] to play again in 2015 and we couldn’t be happier to have our captain returning. We have plans to sign Jamie Rooney, Glen Bryan and also Kurtis Wager.

Draft: It is easy to say we will take the best available player. We would like to get an offensive left and defence/tranny players. We won’t reach though and if a good offensive righty is by far the best player available at our spot then that is who we will take.

With us having three second round picks and potentially drafting a defense guy or two I think our unit will be better than last year.

Trades: I think the trade market may appear to be weaker but I can tell you that a lot of talk goes on behind the scenes and a lot of names are bantied about. I think one of the areas that make trades harder to make is that all teams are well aware of budgetary constraints and most are looking to do money in money out on all trades.

Pre Season Battles: With Kurtis potentially returning, Eric Penny returning and the signing of Dave DiRuscio that will make for a very competitive camp for the position to back up Coz [Anthony Cosmo]. We also plan on putting a goalie on the practice roster as well. I say battle to back up Coz but I want all 3 to come with the mind set of striving to take the #1 job.

I like our defence. Glen Bryan will be back. Kevin Brownell had a great summer and I am hoping Alex Kedoh Hill returns as well. I think Joel Mathews brings promise as a d/tranny.  I will also say that our Western scouts really like Adam Will and he will get a long look in camp.

I myself watch a lot of lacrosse year round. From Jr to Senior to Major in the summer to Clax in the winter. I think with David [DiRuscio] and Corey Fowler being brought in shows that we believe there are good players playing in other leagues that may just need a chance or find the right environment to succeed at the NLL level.