Bombers Win Road Opener, Synowiez Scores Two

James Synowiez scored twice in Baltimore’s win over the Boston Rockhoppers last night. He spoke with us after the game about the first win of the Bombers’ season.

“Playing in the first game was really exciting, even though it wasn’t a home stand for our team.” said Synowiez. “The stands were packed and the crowd was really into the game. Both teams were extremely hungry for the win. Big hits and rough play were on display all night. Our defensemen took every opportunity to lay the hammer and did so in tremendous fashion. Ginny absolutely impressed everyone who was able to watch the game, making acrobatic saves one after another.”

The Bombers were playing their first game in franchise history against a Boston team who was coming off of a win against their rival Kentucky.

“Nick Schroeder also played a great game not giving up anything easy for our team, taking advantage of our power plays was key.

“I couldn’t be more proud of our team for this win. In any sport road wins are never easy, especially in the Boston atmosphere with their first ever home game and being a team with a target on our backs was huge. In the end teamwork prevailed. Chemsitry became more evident and patience played a huge role for us as a whole.”

Playing Boston was a challenge for Baltimore, and Synowiez thinks they did a good job slowing down the Hoppers.

“Obviously slowing down Canadian stud Andrew Kirkaldy was a big factor in the win. Anytime your defense can limit the opposing team’s leading scorer really says a lot about our defensive unit carrying out our gameplan put in place by our coaching staff. Andrew Wasik’s shot was clearly dialed in last night. The guy was really letting it rip last night and was finding the back of the net, showing his veteran prowess.”

Synowiez credited other offensive players like Kenney and Spilker for the strong 17 goal performance against a Boston team who held Kentucky to nine goals.

“Our two righty’s got a lot of floor time last night due to our line up situation but did not allow their continuous runs to affect their game. Devan Spilker and Jordan Kenney were sniping shots from outside as well finishing in close and nailing the corners.”

Next week is Rhode Island who played Kentucky tough this week. What can Baltimore do to prepare?

“Up next is Rhode Island. I think it will be great to have our fans in the stands and supporting our team for the first time. We will not take the Kingfish lightly. I truly believe on any given night any team can prevail. Having some new faces in the line up should change things up a bit but don’t expect our games to be any less physical or exciting. If we stick to our game and continue growing closer as a team and our respective units, I think we will improve and hopefully find success.”