Net Impact: Will Indoor Leagues Ever Merge?

The indoor lacrosse landscape is dotted with leagues right now, each with its plusses and minuses, each competing to retain as much of the available talent as possible, and each fighting to survive in a sports world that barely knows lacrosse exists. The granddaddy of them all is still the National Lacrosse League, which is now more than a quarter century old and seems to be enjoying some much-deserved stability….

February 20, 2014

NALL Suspends Operations

June 18, 2013

Earlier today the North American Lacrosse League announced that they were suspending operations. After a little over two years of being in the news and working towards being the elite American lacrosse league, too many obstacles led to its demise.


Noteable Players Playing in Summer Box Leagues

May 8, 2013

We know some National Lacrosse League players and prospects (NALL players or players who have been in NLL training camp)  play in Major League Lacrosse in the summer, along with Major Series Lacrosse and the Western Lacrosse Association premier box lacrosse leagues. However, some other leagues exist where NLL players and top prospects play over the summer and fall months. Here are some of them to watch. Quebec Senior Lacrosse…


Ten Unsung Pro Players To Watch

April 7, 2013

When it comes to leagues like CLax and NALL we hear a lot of the same names; Wayne Van Every, Dan Deckelbaum, Mike Stone. Most of those guys have played at the higghest levels before. Then we hear about the prospects in lacrosse like Jeremy Noble and Ethan O’Connor and it goes on and one. However, there are some players out there in the pro ranks that don’t get nearly…


Mike Stone Blog: Champions and an MVP

March 27, 2013

Reflecting on this year’s NALL season I have to say it was an overall league success. I entered the season without much expectation for the league, as I knew it had a rocky start the year before and I wasn’t sure it would even take place up until a few weeks before the season started. From our first practices with the Rockhoppers I was impressed with our team’s dedication to…


Jesse Guerin: “I’d love to be back in Kentucky”

March 22, 2013

When the Kentucky Stickhorses signed Jesse Guerin mid season, everyone knew their offense would improve. It did and Guerin was one of their best scorers, especially when Mike McClellan went to the NLL. “Overall it was a good time in Kentucky, had some great teammates and enjoyed meeting everyone involved.” Guerin told us. Kentucky fell hard in the championship game when they were defeated by Boston 25-13, obviously a tough…


Boston Defender Kyle Barnett Speaks on NALL Championship

March 21, 2013

Kyle Barnett isn’t the flashiest name on the Boston Rockhoppers roster, but the defender had an overall solid season as he helped Boston win the first ever North American Lacrosse League Championship. “It feels good to be a champion” said Barnett. “It’s great to be able to compete in a competitive league and strive for a goal as a team.” Boston and the Kentucky Stickhorses have become rivals of sort,…