Bowhunter Cup 2013 Roster Matchups

Earlier today the Iroquois Nationals and USA named their roster for the Bowhunter Cup taking place tonight. Below, we analyze it.

The Iroquois roster is by far superior, full of NLL and MLL superstars and MVPs. The goaltending is led by Rochester Knighthawks backup goaltender Angus Goodleaf while the Americans place native goalie Brandon Miller in the starting role with former Rhode Island Kingfish goalie Joe Evans the backup.

Score one for the Natives. Miller is an undrafted free agent 19 year old goaltender who has never played at the pro level. He played for the Rochester Greywolves in Sr B this past summer. Evans also is the backup for the Vermont Voyageurs.

The offense for the Iroquois is also much stronger. They are led by Cody Jamieson, a two time NLL champion and an NLL MVP. Also on the roster is NLLers Craig Point, Roger Vyse, Johnny Powless, Alex Kedoh Hill, Dean Hill, Jeremy Thompson, Tom Montour and Sid Smith. The Americans just have Ethan Farrell and Mike O’Brien as far as anyone with NLL experience ever.

The rest of their roster shows a lot of PLL and NALL level players. Greg Rogowski has been a top scorer in the QSLL and NALL before while Brandon Dube was a NALL and Vermont contributor as well. The level drops off from there with developmental players who haven’t played any higher than the Sr B level other than Kyle Smith, Marty Bowes, Jim Forsythe, Zach Taylor and Joe Smith.

Game time is at 8pm tonight and the Iroquois should be heavily favored. Can the Americans muster up enough to make it a competitive game?



Cody Jamieson
Craig Point
Johnny Powless
Randy Staats
Jeremy Thompson
Roger Vyse
Dean Hill
Travis Hill
Alex “Kedoh” Hill
Tom Montour
Wenster Green
Joe Hall
Sid Smith
Vaughn Harris
Marty Hill
Rod Squire
Holdon Vyse
Warren Hill
Angus Goodleaf



Farrell Ethan   RF
Rogowski Greg   RF
Smith Kyle      RF
Brent Rothfuss  RF
Holt Erik       LF
Dube Brandon    LF
Hickman Matt    LF
Martin Bowes    LF
Nauerth Adam    LT
Welch Brian     RD
O’Brien Mike    RD
Forsythe James  RD
Taylor Zach     RD
Smith Joe       RD
Nadler Mike     RD
Walkowiak Mael  RD
Ricks Jake      RD
Baker Kyle      RD
Miller Brendon  G
Evans Joe       G