Boxla: Why It’d Make For A Great Video Game

Today we take a little different approach than normal. Usually here on InLacrosseWeTrust we normally talk about the news that’s happening in lacrosse or give you opinions on happenings in the sport. Today I present you my own idea when it comes to the future of lacrosse in video games.

First, a little history lesson. The first ever lacrosse video game was made in 2001 for the Play Station. Blast Lacrosse was based on the NLL in 2001, featuring the nine teams that were in the league at that point. Although it may not look like the top end video games today it is still a great play and goes for large amounts of money on Ebay.

Eight years later lacrosse video games came on the scene again as a group lauched College Lacrosse 2009 on the Xbox Indie game market. The game had no licencing agreement, so it was generic lacrosse teams. However it gave people a field lacrosse game that people wanted. Since the group has made two more college games as well as NLL 10.

Of course most still aren’t happy with the video game opportunities lacrosse has received. Indie games have a very small budget and are limited in what they can do. For years people have been calling for EA Sports to take a shot at lacrosse to give us the best virtual lacrosse experience. 2k Sports is another company fans consider. Although it may be quite the risk for any company, box lacrosse has a great set up for a video game. It may take a little coming together for leagues, but it would be an enormous step in the growth of the sport.

Imagine putting NLL 13 into your Xbox and seeing an elaborate highlight package of goals from Tavares, saves from Vinc, and Geoff Snider fights. You get to the start up menu and click “career mode.”

You could start up your career in the MSL or WLA or go right to the NLL draft. The NLL would be the headliner of the game, but the Canadian leagues are very important in the world of lacrosse. You can begin your career by fighting for the Mann Cup in the summer as you try and raise your stock for the NLL, similarly to how you play in the CHL in the NHL video game series.

Once you finish your summer season you get drafted to one of the nine members of the National Lacrosse League. Its a big jump in bigger arenas with the best indoor players in the world. Move your way up on the roster as you prove to your coach that you have what it takes to play with the best of the best. Fight to bring the Champions Cup to your city.

Once the NLL season ends you can play up in Canada again just like the professionals do. If they have success the game could work in the secondary leagues, like CLax, the NALL, and the PLL. There are many ways a game could go.

Companies haven’t taken a shot at lacrosse because they worry that they wouldn’t make enough money for it to be worth it. However lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the country, and our voice should be heard. A video game would mean incredible exposure for the sport and if Arena Football can get a game, why can’t lacrosse? Do you think that a professionally made lacrosse game would be a good idea? Go to EA Sport’s Homepage and click the submit feedback button at the top of the page to voice your opinion. You can also head to the EA Sports Facebook page. This is something where we need everyone to come together if we are going to accomplish an incredible feat for the sport. Growth is here. Make it happen.