Brad Self: “Expectations Will be Higher Than Last Year”

Last season Brad Self made his return to the NLL when he signed with the Rochester Knighthawks, whom he won a Championship with. Now that he heads into his second year with the club, he feels he will be more prepared.

“It took some time to feel comfortable with my teammates and with the coaching staff.” said Self. “I always told people it takes longer than normal in the NLL to get to know everybody because you aren’t all living in one place, practicing together everyday. Our ownership, front office, coaching staff and leadership on our team did a great job with things like meals after practice, meals together at home and on the road to constantly keep us together as much as possible to build our comfort level with one another.”

Self will still have to get used to playing with some more new team mates in 2013, as the Knighthawks brought in some new players.

“It’s tough when guys you won with are traded or let go but that’s  professional sport. I haven’t played with Casey Powell or Paul Rabil, but their reputation and achievements speak for themselves. I played with Tommy in Chicago for a few games and my brother spoke highly of both Tommy and Ian Llord about being good players and good team guys in Buffalo. ”

Self says that in 2013, expectations will be higher than ever for the Knighthawks. ” Expectations will be higher than last year and I know our guys are looking forward to defending our title.” he said. “Winning teaches you a lot of things and we’ll find out come training camp and into the season how much we learned from it.”

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