Breaking: Lizards Acquire Ned Crotty, Matt Striebel

After the New York Lizards made a deal with Ohio to get Joe Cummings today, they continued trading and acquired Ned Crotty and Matt Streibel from Rochester.

Earlier today the Lizards added Cummings, trading away John Austin. Later on they would add two of the biggest names in the league, starting with Crotty. Crotty tied for the league scoring title in 2011 and came in second in MVP votes, and scored 36 points last season. He has 141 points in four career seasons.

Striebel is the longest tenured player in the league and has 379 career points and has been on the Rochester roster for the past three seasons. He was second on the team in scoring with 29 points. Striebel has also spent part of his career with Chicago and Philadelphia.

The Rattlers will get for a 2014 fourth-round College Draft pick and sixth-round Supplemental Draft pick along with Grant Catalino from the Lizards. Catalino began his career in Rochester and has 48 career points.