Callum Crawford Speaks on Presidents Cup

We went one on one with Kahnawake Mohawks forward Callum Crawford.Q: Thoughts on making the President’s Cup?

A: President’s cup is exciting. Its like playing in a minor tournament where you play every day and sometimes more than once a day, but at one of the highest levels. Its a great tournament and a true testament of a teams will to win.

Q: Even though you’re the host team you won the QSLL. Any extra confidence?

A: We have some confidence in ourselves and our team. But this is at a national level so the competition is really strong. It will take everything our team has to win it. But i am confident that we can win.

Q: What are your thoughts on having a Quebec team competing with Ontario and BC teams?

A:  A lot of people believe quality lacrosse stops at Peterborough and there is not much east of there. Which has been true in the past. Being from Ottawa we are always trying to improve the game in eastern Ontario and Quebec. Winning the president cup will help pave the way for that improvement to continue.

Q: What is the toughest challenge of the Presidents Cup?

A:  The toughest challenge is staying healthy through the 8 games it takes to win the tournament, as well as being the very best team we can during each of those games.