Can You Feel the Red Storm?

As last season closes, the Storm could not be happier with a season they had. They were 8 and 7 and 3-3 in conference play. Jeff Lowman, who kept this team alive and breathing, his prolific energy gave the team a burst on both sides of the ball.

Saint Johns played the most offensive possessions which held in their favor against opponents.The Storm who had held a 44.2 conversion percentage and held the forth heaviest reliance with extra man tallies. The depth was the team’s attack.They had many opportunities to out last their opponents with fresh legs.

Improvement that this team needs is to play with more aggressive style. They need to quicken the pace and only slow the pace when they have the lead.They ranked 42 in the fun factor. Jason Miller and John Kemp are returning. Improving this team is no question. They need more players to step up and excite their school. The heart and soul relies on their defense and offensive prospects. With the season approaching, the storm needs to execute an eye for wining their conference.With  the storm  brewing, so are the concerns. Everybody is looking for the storm to rain and cause destruction in

their conference.