NCAA: Struggling Blue Hens Face Foxes

April 3, 2013

This year the Delaware Blue Hens can not get on pace with their chemistry; they are 2-7 and have struggled badly. They cannot even keep a lead during the final minutes of a game. There are many questions surrounding this team right now, this team have all the pieces but can not seem to be on the same page. Today they will face a Marist team that have some competitive…


NCAA: Yale Faces Providence

April 1, 2013

Yale: Yale has been struggling quite a bit; their record 4-3 should not be the record. They have a lot of talent, but haven’t really had everybody together on the same page. Yale barely defeated Penn State, but it shows that they have the ability to keep fighting even when they are down. They have a tough task at hand on Tuesday. They face a 7-3 Providence team. Yale needs…


NCAA: Albany Battles Harvard

March 26, 2013

Albany Albany has been struggling as late; they hold a record that is 4-3 and needs to stay consistent on both sides of the ball. The positive aspects of this team is their speed and their knowledge on the field. When they have the lead and use their speed to attack opponents, they are very dangerous. Their knowledge and wisdom is an asset on the field as well; you can…


Loyola Dismantles Georgetown in 13-8 Win

March 22, 2013

Loyola had plenty of opportunities to push Georgetown out of the country; there were 17 turnovers that Loyola had caused. Georgetown looked out of synch in the first half, got themselves together in the second half, but could not stop Loyola from scoring. Pat Laconi and Scott Ratliff was the start to an 8-0 run. This was by far an impressive win by Loyola; they had control the pace from…


NCAA: Holy Cross Takes on Vermont

March 19, 2013

Vermont: Vermont has been very inconsistent with holding the lead late in games. They seem to lose their confidence when they are behind in any of the games this season; As a result their record is a depressing 2-5, which describes the type of season they are having. Last week Vermont put on an impressive show against Wagner outscoring them at every possession. The final score was 15-6. The Wagner…


NCAA: Quinnipiac and Providence Battle in Match of Undefeateds

March 12, 2013

Both Providence and Quinnipiac have been dominating the field this season; their record proves that each of these teams are hard to beat. Providence has little success last year with stopping Quinnipiac, this year should be different. Providence defense has stepped up and caused a lot of turnovers in their previous games. Junior attack Sean Wright is a key factor for their victories, he leads the Friars in scoring with…


Notre Dame Defeats Penn State in Overtime

February 25, 2013

On Sunday, two of these top ten teams showed why they still can compete at a top notch level. Freshman Matt Kavanagh was the hero. He had scored the go-ahead goal to push Notre Dame to victory. Last year, Penn State had won against Notre Dame 4-3, but today was a different outcome. Neither team had  more than a two goal margin. The game was very physical and had fans…


Loyola Remains Undefeated

February 21, 2013

Mike Sawyer was the key to Loyola’s victory, scoring four goals over Towson. Sawyer gave the Greyhounds the spark that they needed in order to win. The start of the game was brutal, within ten minutes the Greyhounds had scored four goals. Towson could not match the intensity of the Greyhounds. Everytime the Tigers had an opportunity to close the gap, the Greyhounds found a crack in the defense and…


Cavs 2-0 To Start Season

February 20, 2013

The Virginia Cavaliers are continuing to rebuild this team. Last year they had lost Steele Stanwick and Chris Bocklet who had contributed to the Cavaliers win. The line up for the Cavaliers has changed tremendously. They have a lot of new faces on the team. Nick O’Reilly has to be a big factor. He has not played due to a year suspension in 2011. In the 2011 tournament, O’Reily had turned…


NCAA: Denver Looks for Second Win, Faces Penn State

February 16, 2013

This should be a spectacular game. Both teams are coming of wins last week; Penn State had beaten Michigan and Denver had won a nail biting game against Duke. Both teams utilizes their strength and speed to bread down opponents. Last season Denver suffered a bruised ego despite the 9-7 record that they had. Denver was faced with a lot of concern; How in the world would this team contend…