Cannons Supplemental Draft: Running Diary

Here are my Boston-biased, minute-by-minute reactions to the trades and key picks of the 2014 MLL Supplemental Draft:

2:29 pm: Major League Lacrosse headquarters send the interns for coffee. There is a 50-minute wait at Dunkin Donuts. The interns miss the entirety of the draft and fail to provide fans with live twitter updates. A free-for-all for updates ensues.

2:33 pm: Three-team trade: New York sends picks #2 and #28 to Chesapeake. Chesapeake sends Kevin Cooper and Matt Dolente to Ohio. Ohio sends Kyle Hartzell and the 13th overall collegiate draft pick to New York. WHAT?!

Chesapeake probably got the worst returns of the deal [but still managed to win the day]. Ohio, who was 38.9% at the faceoff X last summer, certainly filled needs. But was the price worth it? On the field Hartzell is one of the best LSM in the league. Off the field he is one of the most marketable players in the sport. He was the face of the Ohio franchise; he’ll be one of many faces in New York alongside Rob Pannell, Ned Crotty, Max Seibald and Greg Gurenlian.

2:35 pm: Bill McGlone is the first pick by Ohio. Like the player, like the fit. Ohio needs midfielders and size. McGlone is both. He looked big playing with Paul Rabil, Pat Heim and Kit Smith. He’s going to look huge next to Marcus Holman and Chase Carraro.

2:37 pm: Cannons take former Villanova attackman Jack Rice with their first pick. Can’t argue with a Boys’ Latin product.

2:44 pm: Charlotte takes Walpole native Davis Butts at #15. I read four Supplemental Draft previews yesterday but didn’t see Butts’ name on any. Had no idea he was in the pool. Now I’m a little suspicious… maybe he wasn’t in the pool… maybe that was part of Charlotte’s plan to land him at #15. They’ll do anything for their Loyola guys. Don’t rule it out.

2:45 pm: The Chesapeake Bayhawks select… JJ Morrissey. My blood is boiling. They’re holding him ransom from the Cannons. I’m going to have nightmares of Coach Cottle’s Grinch smile tonight… AHHHHH!

2:49 pm: Rochester takes Dan Hardy at #20. They already grabbed fellow ‘Cuse alum and LXM Pro Tour member Steve Ianzito at #12. I’m praying both these guys play this summer.

[Speaking of ‘Cuse, I’m surprised Rochester – or anyone for that matter – didn’t take a chance on Sid Smith. He logged some serious minutes for Hamilton last year and is still playing at an elite level. He must be too focused on the FIL World Championships – but what will he and the Thompsons do after that?]

2:52 pm: Boston picks Nick O’Reilly. I’m convinced the Cannons have a soft-spot for guys suspended by Dom Starsia [see: Colin Briggs, Shamel Bratton]. Regardless, the kid can play. Can we get DJ Steve Porter to make a mix of the O’Reilly Auto Parts jingle for when he scores?

[Unrelated: Is this the only radio jingle of all-time to have a YouTube user comment: “Favorite song EVER :D”?]

2:54 pm: Florida drafts Chazz Woodson. Ohio was a terrible situation for him. They were loaded with guys who needed the ball in their crosse. Florida should be a better fit both geographically and from a lacrosse standpoint. That is, unless they trade him away for pennies on the dollar too. [Sorry, I had to.]

2:56 pm: Denver trades Justin Turri to New York for Matt Gibson. I love both ends of this trade. Gibson was the 2012 Rookie of the Year and has always reminded me of a mini-Mundorf. After acquiring Cam Flint and Roy Lang earlier this offseason, Denver was in position to move a midfielder. Turri can play both ways and should enjoy reuniting with Crotty.

2:59 pm: Cannons take defenseman Dan DiMaria and midfielder Kevin Kaminski with the 35th and 37th picks. I was convinced this was the round for Jovan Miller. Next round…

3:04 pm: Cannons draft attackman Kyle Smith out of UMass at #43. Will Manny is pleased.

3:05 pm: Chesapeake drafts Jon Hayes. That’s a punch in the gut. The Cannons had their chances to bring Hayes back, but they seem content with Matt Smalley, Brent Adams, Martin Bowes and Pat Heim at SSDM. Boston will miss you, Jon.

3:06 pm: Cannons reacquire defenseman Tom Celentani out of UMass with the 51st pick.

3:12 pm: Cannons draft midfielder Colin Fleming out of UMass with the 59th pick. Is Will Manny taking over draft responsibilities now? I’m sensing a Steve Belichick-Rutgers situation unfolding, but I like it.

3:17 pm: Cannons draft SSDM Gerry Reilly with the 67th pick. Reilly has been with four MLL teams in just two years. With that considered, I know I might have jumped the gun when I checked to see if the twitter handle @Hoya2aCannon is available. It is available. Now, Reilly just has to make the team.

3:22 pm: Cannons reacquire SSDM Michael Maggio with the 75th pick. Surprised Cottle hadn’t stolen him yet.

3:23 pm: Chesapeake selects Jovan Miller with the 80th overall pick. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

3:25 pm: Cannons reacquire goalie Eric Hagarty with the 83rd pick. Hagarty spent the last two summers as a third-string goalie. Unless the Cannons scoop someone in the collegiate draft, Hagarty will be dressing a lot more this season.

3:31 pm: Cannons select LSM Thomas Keith with the 91st pick. I’m rooting for this guy, if only because his two first names and two last names make him a perfect fit for one of my favorite games. Ironically, I don’t know the name of this name game, but the rules are self-explanatory. The object of the game is to use a string of names to create one ridiculously long run-on name. Anna Kendrick + Kendrick Lamar + Lamar Odom = Anna Kendrick Lamar Odom. Try it. It’s fun.

8:05 pm: As time passes, I like this draft more and more. Sure, I would’ve liked a flashy pick like Miller, Roger Ferguson, Jordan McBride, Zach Palmer or MJ Kiekebelt. And yes, the large number of attackmen selected has me nervous that RB and Posk are closer to retirement than I’d like to think. But I’m happy with this draft. And I have a funny feeling Cannons’ fans will be even happier with it this summer.

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