Chiefs even Mann Cup with 10-8 win.

On Saturday night game two of the Mann Cup took place. The Victoria Shamrocks led the series 1-0 after winning game one 5-4 on the strength of a hat trick from rookie Jesse King. So going into game two the Six Nations Chiefs wanted to even the series.

Once again the Chiefs would draw first blood in this game as Stephen Keog would notch the first goal of the game as he sneaked one in through Matt Vinc’s five hole to give the Chiefs the early 1-0 lead. The Chiefs would keep their momentum rolling as Kedoh Hill scored to put the Chiefs up 2-0.  The Shamrocks would finally get on the board thanks to a goal from Jeff Shattler. The Chiefs would quickly regain their two goal lead as MSL playoff MVP Cody Jamieson scored to put the Chiefs ahead 3-1. The Shamrocks would continue to battle as Rhys Duch and Jeff Shattler scored to tie this game at 3-3. With a minute left in the period the Chiefs would take the lead 4-3 as Johnny Powless scored. The Shamrocks would answers just 30 seconds later a Rhys Duch scored to tie the game 4-4 at the end of one period of play.

In the second period the Chiefs wasted no time in regaining their lead as Kedoh Hill scored his second goal of the game to put the Chiefs ahead 5-4. Victoria would continue to have an answer for Six Nations as Cory Conway scored to tie the game 5-5. The two teams would continue to battle but Roger Vyse would score to put the Chiefs in front 6-5. With seven minutes left to play in the period the Shamrocks would once again tie the game as Jeff Shattler completed the hat trick to tie the game 6-6. As the second period wound down neither team could take control as the score was 6-6 after two periods of play.

The third period began exactly like the first two periods in this game as Kedoh Hill completed his own hat trick which put the Chiefs ahead 7-6. The Shamrocks would finally break through just two minutes later as the Shamrocks took control on the power play as Jesse King and Nolan Heavenor scored to give the Shamrocks their first lead of the game as the Shamrocks went ahead 8-7. The Chiefs would not be discouraged as Johnny Powless would quickly tie this game back up at 8-8. The Chief would buid on this late game momentum as Cody Jamieson scored to put the Chiefs ahead 9-8. The Shamrocks would try to look for the equalizer but Evan Kirk would shut the door. With just a minute left the Chief sealed their victory as Colin Doyle score to give the Chiefs the 10-8 victory.

With the 10-8 victory the Chiefs tie the Mann Cup at one game apiece. The Chiefs were able to make the necessary adjustments from game one as they generated more pressure on Matt Vinc which enabled them to take control of this game early. The Chiefs dug deep late in the third to seal their victory and proved they have what it takes to win the Mann Cup. The Shamrocks once again out shot the Chiefs but they were stymied by Evan Kirk in the third period which I what cost them the game. Game three will take place on Monday night at 7pm.