CILL Happy With Results Halfway Through Year Three

The Continental Indoor Lacrosse League is in its third season with its third commissioner. We spoke with current commissioner Russel King on the season thus far.1. How do you feel this year has gone for the league?

After a long off season of shifting things around, a name change, new front office, and some teams suspending operations, this season has gotten off to a good start. What we are really noticing is that we really need to develop the talent. There is quite a difference in talent and may need to focus on developing a tier system.

2. Are you seeing more parity do you think?

Think I tied that in with the first answer?

3. Why did Upstate leave the league?

Upstate left due to financial constraints and wanted to hold off on this season. We are hoping that they are back in for next season. It will add a nice geographic balance of teams in the CILL.

4. Will we see any more teams?

Like I mentioned we are hoping that Upstate will be back as well as the other teams that suspended operations this season (Southern Ohio, Cleveland, Minnesota). New teams that are interested should get in contact with me, we are always looking to expand. The Lansing Lancers are looking to get in to the league next year. I have also heard that there are teams from Utah, Northern Colorado, Texas, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania, but have yet to be contact from those teams.

5. What will the playoff format be?

Top six teams will make it. Quarter-finals and semi finals will be on Saturday October 5th and the finals will be Sunday October 6th in Grand Rapids, MI

6. How have attendances been?

The games that I have attended have been good. We seem to be getting more and more fans out game after game and year after year. We are making strides in getting the CILL out to lacrosse fans. Our biggest goal for the near future is getting a good product out on the floor that the fans are going to want to come out and see. Kind of like a “if you build it, they will come” type of mentality.