CILL Names All – CILL Team, MVP


Dan Finck,  Colorado Sabretooths

Chris Magrin, Colorado Sabretooths

Ryan Knautz,  Chicago Outlaws

Dylan Weber, Chicago Outlaws

Mikey Garner, Grand Rapids Dragonfish

Randy Kleinman, Columbus Brew


Luke Miller, Colorado Sabretooths

Fraser Sanderson, Colorado Sabretooths

Adam Hague, Grand Rapids Dragonfish

Zach Wilfong, Pittsburgh Octane

Todd Miller, Columbus Brew

Face Off

Nick Ruff, Pittsburgh Octane


Sean Monahan, Colorado Sabretooths

Jordan Hendry, Colorado Sabretooths

Jimmy Younger, Chicago Outlaws

Max Glova, Grand Rapids Dragonfish

Marco Hill, Detroit Coney Dogs


Brian Larson, Chicago Outlaws

Des Bailey, Chicago Outlaws

Dave Holding, Grand Rapids Dragonfish

Tom Roule, Pittsburgh Octane

George Counes, Milwaukee Marauders


2013 CILL Cup Champions – Colrado Sbretooths

CILL MVP – Dan Finck, Colorado Sabretooths

CILL Coach of the year- John Gallant, Colorado Sabretooths

CILL PLAYERS to Watch – Zach Wilfong (Pittsburgh), Des Bailey (Chicago), Max Glova (Grand Rapids), Tyler  Snyder (Colorado).

Special thanks to  

Special thanks to Ray Kinkaid league treasurer/co-commish and GM of the Chicago Outlaws, Matt Ogden GM of Colorado and Dan Shea GM Pittsburgh Octane and Brandon Sallee.