CILL: Outlaws Look for Fifth Win

The Continental Indoor Lacrosse League has four weeks left before the playoffs begin and the Chicago Outlaws are looking to all but clinch their berth.

There are two games on Saturday, first with the Grand Rapids Dragonfish battling the Milwaukee Marauders. The Dragonfish are 2-2 while the Marauders at 0-1 are in fifth and still need to fight for playoff positioning.

Later on in the day we see the Detroit Coney Dogs and Pittsburgh Octane play. Both teams are 0-3 and the winner will be in a good position to make the playoffs, while the loser will have a much tougher time.

On Sunday Detroit travels to Columbus to face the 2-0 Brew. Marco Hill, who plays in CanAm and the ELL, will make his return to the lineup for Detroit after missing the first half of the season. This will be another good chance for Detroit to solidify a playoff seed.

Lastly, there is another game in Milwaukee with the Dragonfish facing the 4-1 first place Chicago Outlaws. Chicago can be the first team to get to five wins while with two games this week, the Dragonfish are looking to reach four.