Who Leads the CLax MVP Race?

With Week three of the Clax season beginning here is a quick look at the top 5 candidates for Clax MVP.

5. John Cheesbrough- Cheesebrough has only played one game this season but was stellar for the TurfDogs. In a league where teams have so much offensive firepower a good goalie can make a good team into a great team. Cheesebrough so far this season has posted a 10.06 G.A.A and a .796 save percentage if he can keep up this pace he will be an MVP candidate for sure.

4.  Jeff Powless- Another goalie comes onto this list in the form of Jeff Powless. Powless has been great for the Demons and has been a big part of their 2-0 start. Powless has a G.A.A of 12.81 and a save percentage of .804. Powless has been so good combined with Oshweken’s offensive firepower it’s no wonder the team is undefeated.

3. Corey Fowler- Fowler has only played one game this year but what a game it was. Fowler led the offensive attack for the Niagara Lock Monsters as he had 4 goals and  7 assists showing that not only can he put the ball in the net but he can also dish it out. If Fowler can continue to have games like this he will be a shoe in for MVP.

2. Chris Atwood- Atwood the Leagues reigning Most Outstanding Player has been at it again for the Iroquois Ironmen. Atwood has 7 goals and 8 assists in  two games and has been carrying the Ironmen’s offense. If Atwood can continue to put up these numbers and carry the Ironmen to some wins he will be making a good case to be named MVP.

1. Roger Vyse- What can you say about Roger Vyse he is quarterbacking the most potent offense in Clax. Vyse’s play making skills are unreal as he already has 13 assists in two games along with four goals. If Vyse continues to show this vision and rack up assists no only will the Demon’s continue to win but he will be a lock for MVP.