CLax Preparing for 2013 Season, Looking for Owners

The 2012 Canadian Lacrosse League season ended with a championship for the Ohsweken Demons, and since the end, all the talk has been about 2013. Will the league stay intact? And what is to come?

“We are looking at possibly becoming more involved with the NLL.” said CLax commissioner Paul St. John. “Last year we had 7 players and 1 Director of Operations (Steve Toll) make their way from Clax to the NLL.”

What can we look forward to next year? St. John says he expects changes, but will not know most of them for a few more months.

“I think most of the players will be back, there is always turnover in all leagues so I’m sure Clax follow that pattern.” said St. John. “ I’m sure we will tinker with a few rule changes but nothing has been discussed as of yet. We’ll know more in September. Playoff format will depend on how many teams Clax will have. If we stay at 6 then yes it will be the same. If we can get to 8 then we will split into 2 divisions and 3 of 4 teams will make playoffs. 1st team will get a bye. We really would like to do a Final Four Weekend. Again once we get to September we can finalize everything.”

While the league is looking for owners, St. John feels like they have some good arenas, though not all of them are in Canada.

“We have lease agreements with Oshawa, Brampton, Barrie and St. Catharines. We anticipate an agreement in Oakville as well. Visiting the CanAm All-Star game we have found another venue in Cattaragus, NY. But we still need owners!”

Lastly, St. John says he wants to have an impact with the National Lacrosse League.

“We would like to follow the NLL draft model but for Clax it is still a work in progress. Sometime in mid to late August players born in 1994 and before can sign up to be drafted. Of course they must be done the NCAA eligibility or forfeit that eligibility.”