College Lacrosse Has a Shot Clock, And Other New Rules

In case you missed it, college lacrosse is going to be adding a lot of new rules for the 2013 season. They were proposed this summer, and yesterday they became official.

While the faceoff rules will not change as proposed, we will have some form of a shot clock this season, along with other things. New equipment rules about stick stringing and more will have an impact.

We are going to start off with the shot clock. There will not be an actual shot clock on the field like in Major League Lacrosse. Once a stall warning is called on a team, the shot clock will come into effect. It is a thirty second shot clock and the last ten seconds will be a hard count. The ref will be responsible for counting down the shot clock.

If the ball hits the goalie or the cage, the stall warning is now over. Another new rule to speed up the pace of the game is the quick restarts. From now on there will not be a stoppage in dead ball situations.

The only new equipment rule has to do with stick stringing. Players can now have four inches on their shooter strings instead of the previous 3.5.