Colorado Mammoth Making Smart Draft Choices

The Colorado Mammoth had a rough year during the 2013-2014 season.  Not only was there a goalie controversy; but the departure of Casey Powell; and the changing of the guards with the coaching staff.  So what do they need to do to make the 2014-2015 season a success?  They need to bring in new key players; and sign the big name veterans.

The Mammoth started out with a bang when they announced the signing of former Jr. Mammoth and Colorado native Eric Law.  Law also plays for the Denver Outlaws and was a member of the team when they won their first MLL Championship.  He was top-eight in DU Pioneer history with 86 goals and 66 assists.  This will be his first year as a Mammoth player.  He was originally drafted by the Toronto Rock in 2014 and a member of their Practice Squad.  He is the first member of the Jr. Mammoth to make the team.  His knowledge of the game, speed and agility; and being coached by some of the greatest players in the league will make him an asset to the team.

On defense, the Mammoth have signed returning players Dan Ball; and veteran John Gallant.  Also signed were free-agent Michael Simon another Denver Outlaw who at 6’3” will give the Mammoth another tall strong defender; and Colin Boucher whose 6’5” 235 lb. frame makes him the tallest Mammoth player since Richard Morgan who played for the team in 2014.  An off-season priority for the Mammoth was the need to build a strong defense in front of Dillon Ward in goal, and bringing in two talented defensemen with height will do just that.

The Mammoth avoided restricted free agency for both potentially-eligible players, transition player Bob Snider; and forward Drew Westervelt.  They also picked up Restricted Free Agent forward Alex Turner from Minnesota who had the right to match Colorado’s offer, but opted out.  

Colorado had six unrestricted free-agents:  forwards Casey Powell, Athan Iannucci and Sean Pollock; transition player Nick Carlson; and defensemen John Gallant and Ian Hawksbee.  To date, John Gallant and Nick Carlson are the only two who have signed on.  As far as their Restricted Free Agents, Chet Koneczny will not return as he has committed to his recent appointment as Technical Director of Lacrosse Nova Scotia.

The 2014 NLL Entry Draft is set for September 22, 2014.  Subject to pending trades, as of now Colorado has the number four pick in the first round; the number 13 pick in the second round; they gave up their 23rd pick in the third round to Rochester; have the number 32 pick in the fourth round; have the 41st pick in the fifth round as well as the 42nd pick from Buffalo; and their final pick is 50th in the sixth round.

They’ve retained their coaching trio from the end of last season when the Mammoth fans world was rocked by the firing of Bob Hamley and his entire coaching staff.  After being hired in early-March, Pat Coyle, Chris Gill and Dan Stroup have all been signed to two-year contracts after they coached the team to a winning record and post-season play-off berth.

In the upcoming draft, the Mammoth need to find a back up net-minder; and additional transition players.  They are strong on defense, but with smaller rosters, the need for stealthy runners is going to be the key to their success if they want to be contenders in the league.