Do Wiles and Crowley Handle Wings Right Side?

The Philadelphia Wings are hoping to have added some strength on their right side after a trade with Buffalo where they acquired Luke Wiles, but will he, when playing alongside Kevin Crowley, be the key to success for the team?

Last season, Philadelphia’s roster was lacking in shooters on the right with the transition players being left to pick up the slack. Adding someone to that side was something that needed to be done to take the team to the next level.

Relying too much on the stronger left side was the downfall of the Wings last season. They needed more of a balance on the offense to force the opposing team’s defense to spread out more and create the holes for shooting. If they had one objective for the 2014 season, it would have to be to get another person on that right side to help Kevin Crowley This is where the trade with Buffalo for Luke Wiles seemed to fit in perfectly.

Kevin Crowley was the main shooter on the right last season where he acquired 72 points. One player that was able to pick up some slack on the right was transition player Brodie Merrill, who had 26 points last season.

Yes, there was need for another player on the right but Luke Wiles stats last season with Buffalo are not all that impressive and he may not be enough for the Wings, even when playing with Crowley.

For the 2013 season with Buffalo, Wiles only totaled 21 points in 12 games with the Bandits. This could very well be because he had to play alongside with players like John Tavaris, Mark Steenhuis, and Shawn Williams who are all well-established in the National Lacrosse League but the Wings need more than what Wiles provided last season for the Bandits if they want a shot being the champions this season.

Brodie Merrill, a transition player, had more points than Wiles did last season so Wiles is, quite frankly, going to have to step up his game if he is going to meet the expectations that Philadelphia has for him.

    Wiles has proven that he has the potential in previous seasons so it would not be surprising if he made a complete turn-around this season and got himself back up in the ranks.

This trade from Buffalo to Philadelphia could be what Wiles needs to improve his stats and what the Wings need to fill a gap on the field. This opportunity to play with Crowley could make for an undefeatable duo on the once weak side. Every player has their ups and downs, their good seasons and their bad seasons. Putting last season behind him, hopefully Wiles and Crowley will be the key to a successful season in Philadelphia.