Does Styres Deserve Shot with Knighthawks?

Rochester Knighthawks Owner and General Manager Curt Styres made history at the 2013 NLL Entry Draft by selecting Brandon Styres, marking the first time in NLL history a GM has chosen their son. While his space in the NLL record books is now solidified, apart from his lineage little is known about the final selection in this year’s draft.

Styres junior lacrosse career is non-existent, with his most distinguishable experience coming at the Ales Hebresky Memorial Tournament in Prague, Czech Republic. The 19-year-old boasts an impressive frame coming in at 6-foot-3 and 235 pounds, but without significant box experience this size becomes a non-factor.

Styres’ will not automatically earn a spot on the team based on his family ties; however, this does provide him near immediate access to some of the lacrosse’s most talented. The Six Nations native has been provided with a front row seat to observe the work ethic of the NLL’s elite throughout these past two championship seasons and will have a firm grasp and what is expected out of him in order to perform at such a level. Styres has also been training with Knighthawks goaltender Matt Vinc, who has earned NLL Goaltender of the Year honors three out of the last four seasons.

So will Styres’ crack the roster of his father’s squad? The question remains largely a mystery until pre-season rolls around. The young goaltender will have a chance to prove himself when Knighthawks open tryouts begin October 18th and 19th at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena.

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