Don Alton Blog: Combine a Great Experience

I came into the combine with the intention not to try to do too much, but leave a solid impression that would further benefit my chances at being drafted. I knew a few of the names who were also participating, so I felt comfortable going into the fitness testing. I showed up early and while sitting around the nerves started to really get to me. It took me a couple minutes to realize I just needed to remain calm, and that everyone else participating was also feeling the pressure to perform.  Going into the fitness testings and the following Sunday, I knew I just had to play my game as that is all I have to offer to scouts.

   Probably the most nerve racking point were the interviews. I didn’t want to say anything that would jeopardize my only chance to make a good first impression of myself as a person.  Walking into rooms with 6-7 (in some cases) staff representatives was rather intimidating, some interviews were more laid back and others seemed very serious and straight to the point about their desired message.   Overall, the interviews felt really quick.

    Throughout most of the practice, I was just trying to adapt to the net sizes and thinking about the upcoming scrimmage.  It really surprised me how much of a difference 3 inches made to the way you had to play your position.

   When the scrimmage came around, I was pretty nervous. I knew this was when everyone was going to be watching and knowing it was going to be televised didn’t help my nerves.  I believe I had a strong showing in the scrimmage, mainly due to the players in front of me. Overall, it was a great experience,  and I hope it pays off on Monday.

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