Doug Locker Talks About the NLL Draft

As a part of our NLL draft coverage, I spoke with Washington Stealth general manager Doug Locker yesterday about the draft and how the Stealth prepare.

1. Have you begun preparing for this year’s draft yet? Yes, we have been preparing for this year’s draft for several months. Preparation for us started in early April towards the end of the NCAA season and will continue right up to draft day.

2. How much do you look at team needs compared to best available players? Currently, with our first selection being at #11 and #12 we are definitely focusing on what we feel our team needs are. Our on floor performance last season was obviously a disappointment and we intend to bring in the best available talent, whether through the draft or free agency to create a very competitive environment in training camp.

3. How much does location play into signability after selecting a player? Geography does play a role, but we would not rule out a player whom we otherwise felt would contribute to our roster. I would say honestly that we are considering any potential players (east or west) whom we believe would help. Obviously, the most important factor is availability (if the player is from the east) or a player’s potential to relocate to Washington or the lower mainland.

4. Do you prepare differently without a first round pick? I honestly don’t think so as one never knows what will transpire leading up to the draft or even on draft day. By the time we arrive at the draft we will have evaluated virtually every available player and will have done our homework relative to their potential fit if they were to be a member of the Washington Stealth in 2013.

5. How deep do you think this year’s draft is? This is a very solid draft, and with a number of players who have just completed their NCAA eligibility has us watching more WLA and MSL games than in past years. There are a very large group of this year’s draft class who will certainly compete very strongly for spots on many NLL rosters.

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