Eric Law Speaks on Undefeated Season, Playoffs

We went one on one with Major League Lacrosse rookie and Denver Outlaws stud player Eric Law about the first undefeated season in MLL history and on the upcoming playoffs.Q: How much does the undefeated season mean to you?

A: Undefeated season means a lot but doesn’t really mean anything if we don’t come ready to play during championship weekend.


Q: When did it become a conscious thought to play for perfection?

A: I think you always strive to be perfect and we wanted to be the first team to do it. We have just been focusing on the next game and worrying about the game we are playing.

Q: At any point did that goal of perfection become a distraction to the main goal?

A: Our main goal has always been win the championship. We made it to the playoffs and so that was or first goal and to get the number one seed was another. Out goal from the beginning has been a championship.

Q: When do you think was the closest call to losing the perfect season?

A: Every week we are close cause every team in this league is great. Every week you can lose to a team of talented players.

Q: Clean slate for the playoffs do you have to put the regular season behind you?

A: At this point the regular season doesn’t mean anything and the only thing that matters is the first semi final game.