Fall Ball: Princeton Crushes Virginia, But Stall Warnings the Story

As Fall Ball kicked off this week, there were plenty of storylines to follow. The scores are normally the last thing we look at, and that is once again the case this year.

The big story is obviously the new rules and how the teams and referees handle them. In the Play for Parkinson’s tournament in Virginia, there was some confusion as far as the stall warnings.

According to Inside Lacrosse, there were zero stall warnings in Virginia vs Towson, but there were four in the Cavaliers 17-1 loss to the Princeton Tigers.

Most of the coaches had no problems with the more aggressive stall warnings being called, but said that it needs to be more consistent game to game.

Virginia has a lot to do this season after losing some of their best players. Both Steele Stanwick and Chris Bocklet have gone pro, and it will be hard to replace them on offense. Meanwhile, they also lost Matt Lovejoy on defense.

Towson fell to Virginia put saw a lot of positives in their goaltending situation. Tyler White, a 6 foot 3 redshirt freshman, was especially impressing according to reports.

Princeton looked dominant, crushing Virginia 17-1 and their offense was very potent. Thomas Schriber especially looks like he will put up a solid season.