Hopkins’ Rob Enright Out with Knee Injury

According to the Baltimore Sun, Johns Hopkins defenseman Rob Enright is going to be out with a long time with what appears to be a right knee injury. He left the game this pasty weekend when the Blue Jays lost to North Carolina.

Head coach Dave Pietramala wouldn’t call it a season ending injury, but would call it a “serious” injury. Enright will miss the game against Princeton this week and will be out indefinitely.

The starting defenseman had six ground balls and two forced turnovers in his four starts this season. The senior is coming off of a season where he had 18 ground balls and six forced turnovers.

“It’s next man up, and that’s always been our philosophy,” Pietramala said to the Baltimore Sun. “We play a system-oriented defense and when one player is unable to participate, the next player has to step in and step up. We do some things throughout the weeks of practice to be prepared for this, and we felt like we needed to do that.

“Eddie Schurr and Eddie Morris are two guys that have been down there and are seeing time. Eddie Schurr is on the man-down [defense]. He played in our Carolina game. … So Eddie Schurr has got some experience with that. Eddie Morris is a guy that we are trying to groom a little bit.