Hounds Vs. Lizards Unit by Unit

Hounds attack VS. Lizards Defense

The Hounds attack has been extremely inconsistent (Only 12g in the past two games) but still has Matt Danowski, who many consider the best all around attackman in the league. Just having Danowski on the field can change the momentum of any game. No big names come out of the Long Island defense, though rookie LSM CJ Costabile is a force to reckon with on both the offensive and defensive ends of the field and can easily matchup against attackman on defense.

Advantage: Charlotte by a little.


Hounds Midfield Vs. Lizards Midfield

Max Seibald, with Paul Rabil in the league he plays second fiddle, potential wise Seibald is ready to skyrocket to the top. Seibald, Stephen Peyser, and Brian Langtry boast arguably the best first midfield line in the whole league, combining for 89 points. Stephen Berger of the Hounds can still get work done and Jovan Miller is great in transition, but the Lizards middies are like none other they have faced all year in scoring potential.

Advantage: Long Island by a lot



Nothing even needs to be written even after additions by the Hounds.

Advantage: Long Island by a lot


Hounds Defense VS. Long Island Attack

Long Island doesn’t have a definite star on attack, but work the ball around for a well balanced attack between Matt Gibson, Greg Catalino, and Tommy Palasek. Ryan Flanagan can guard nearly anyone in the league, but the Lizards are not a team where you can shut down one star and cruise to a win.

Advantage: Long Island by a little.


Prediction for final score: Lizards: 15 Hounds: 9