InLax Baltimore: UMBC Needs Improvements

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It was not a spectacular season for the University of Maryland Baltimore County lacrosse team last year by any means. However, the team showed a lot of promise and talent in the chance that they were given. UMBC finished off the season with a 7-8 record and an appearance in the America East championship game where they fell to Albany in the final game.

The Retrievers look to get their season started early, as they have been working to improve their skills on the field in the offseason. Recently, the teams returning players traveled to Japan after last season to improve their skills. With 26 players returning, their teamwork and communication could lead to a more successful season and a chance to be ranked, which hasn’t happened since 2009 when they were 12-4 overall.

The coaching staff is definitely prepared to generate a winning season for the team as head coach Don Zimmerman enters his 21st season to lead the Retrievers. With four NCAA Tournament appearances under his belt, Zimmerman would definitely like to take it one step further and give UMBC an NCAA championship. Most recently, he added alum and former UMBC defenseman Steve Settembrino to the coaching staff to help improve the defense.

UMBC also has added a number of new players to the roster, 13 to be exact. These players will definitely add more competitiveness to the Retrievers. For example, there is Pat Dignan, who was a varsity defender all four years and had the most ground balls for a defensemen during his time with the New-Hope Solesbury Lions.

Coach Zimmerman’s Retrievers could definitely see a successful season this year, as they have not had a record of over ten wins in a season since 2009. With a number of players returning to the team and a coach who knows UMBC better than anyone, don’t count out the Retrievers just yet.