Iwanusa Blog: PLL Season set to Kickoff

Getting ready for this PLL season to kickoff, clearly everyone involved is pretty excited about it. Having the chance to get this league and season kicked off is nice for both Franchises who have waited a year to see their teams in action.

Most of our guys arrived late last night, shoot around in the AM and game time at 7. While everyone on both the Bullies and Copperheads recognizes the road to this game hasn’t been the smoothest, we are all ecstatic to be in a position to play this first ever game and be a part of it. We as players have to take a bit of ownership in this league and the opportunity it gives all of us to play the game we love at a higher level.

Personally, I’m feeling a few nerves wanting to play my best and help my teammates however I can. Just enough anticipation to make the nights sleep away from home a little harder, but that’s a good thing. As my dad always told me “if you’re not nervous it’s not important”. At my age, I’ve done this so many times I’ve gotten my routine pretty well settled that will to put me into the right frame of mind. The right movie, music and meals.

As a team, it’s mostly time to focus and prepare ourselves physically and mentally to go out there and play our best. Lots of hydrating and coach is reviewing some last-minute details for the game and plans for the day. We’ve spent a good amount of time practicing and working to be at this point and the reality is, we are finally here and game time just can’t come soon enough.