Jon Hayes Ready for New Experience with Florida

Last week the Chesapeake Bayhawks made a splash by acquiring Kevin Crowley. Going to Florida in return were midfielders Steven Brooks, Jon Hayes and David Earl. We caught up with Hayes about him now being a member of the Launch.

Q: How do you feel about the trade?

A. I am excited about the trade. The Bayhawks got an excellent player in Crowley who will help the in the future. The Launch got three players who help fill some holes due to injuries and such. Earl is an excellent two way player that can help in both ends of the field. Brooks is a really talented offensive threat who will finish regularly but can also dish the ball as well. I am looking forward to have another opportunity to get on the field,  help in the defensive end and transition the ball up the field.

Q: What are you expectations with the Launch?

A. I have no idea how much I’ll be playing in Florida but I’m going to do my best to make it a difficult  decision for the coach to keep giving me runs or not.

Q: Is it better to be traded along with three team mates?

A.  I am glad to have two other guys coming down in the trade but either way there is familiarity with the other players from playing together on different teams and from playing against guys before.

Q: How are you spending your time before the season picks up again?

A. During the break I’ll be watching the FIL world lacrosse games and working a lacrosse camp for True Lacrosse in Chicago