Jovan Miller Blog: Lax Bros

After an unforgettable weekend I had a lot of time to recollect on things. My parents always told me that when you get a stage to voice your opinion make sure you express you’re never understated or misunderstood.

I was observing a lot of things this weekend and I’m starting to see the growth of lacrosse starting to really take off. What I have an issue with is the image. Long hair, boat shoes, mid calves, and tank tops are not supposed to be a look that should be generalized or approved for a lacrosse player though we love to emphasize those things as a part of our culture.

I just don’t see the warrant of being a “laxbro” and I’m trying to get someone to explain what that actually means. This concerns me because of what it means to be individualistic.

I feel like acceptance has now come from how much our “Flow” comes out the bottom of our helmet, or how much “tilt” we have on our helmet. The days of expanding lacrosse are much more profound nowadays, but I wouldn’t expect for it to be growing like this. On twitter when a kid calls me a “bro,” I correct him right away and tell him I’m not.

The world is filled with followers, but also trend setters. I don’t ever want to grouped with something I disapprove of just because it helping the game I love to play. Being yourself seems to be a lost art, and its now about what the kid next to you is into instead you know your own preferences.

I think the lacrosse image should be refined. Hard Work and persistence should be what we’re known for, not some crazy shorts or key chains.

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