Ladner Pioneers Win Ales Hrebsky Championship

A champion was crowned this afternoon when the Ladner Pioneers defeated the Green Gaels 9-6 to take home the 2015 Ales Hrebsky championship. Jason Jones led the way with three goals as the leading scorer for the winning team.

Both teams were undefeated going in, but only the Pioneers remain without a scratch. Other goal scorers for the Pioneers included Ryan Kieth (2), Joel Vander Wilp, Travis St. Germain (2), and Ray Calderwood. Nate Wilson made 18 saves in the victory.

On the other side, Dylan Goddard put up a solid effort with four goals for the Gaels, but it wasn’t enough. Neil Roberts made 12 saves in the loss.

Gavin Prout scored to give the Gaels a 1-0 lead but it went downhill from there as the Pioneers went on a run. Once again its a North American¬†champion after the Kahnawakee Rapids won last year’s title.


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