Lax Library: 2-on-1 5-Pass Drill from the Pros!

We are very excited for our first featured section on In Lacrosse We Trust! Lacrosse Library plans to bring you all the best drills and plays from college and professional indoor and outdoor lacrosse here on ILWT twice every month.

We first saw this high-speed practice drill at training camp for one of the NLL teams this year. Even though this is a drill that Pro players do, you can use it to improve your players’ stick skills, quickness, and Lax IQ, no matter what level you coach.

This drill is a great tool for working on both stick skills and game situations at the same time. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor practices. Beginners and first-year players will learn offensive and defensive strategies, plus a little catching and throwing as a bonus.


Split players evenly into two teams. Set up two goals roughly 40 yards apart, with goalies in each cage.

2 on 1 5 pass drill basic setup nll national lacrosse league

Figure 1. Start with 3 players from each team on either side of the field in a triangle. Players should be standing roughly 5 to 10 yards apart from each other.

The player at the point of each triangle will start with the ball.

2 on 1 5 pass drill make 5 quick passes

Figure 2. Each team must complete 5 quick passes when the whistle blows. When each team has completed their 5 passes, they are free to attack the other team’s goal and defend their own. You could also do this with 5 ground balls, 5 bounce passes, 5 quick sticks with the weak hand, any variation you can think of.

Beginning players can complete any 5 passes, while more experienced players should be able to complete this without dropping the ball.

Check out our Triangle Drill Passing Drills for more help working on passing and catching!

2 on 1 5 pass drill 2 offense 1 defense

Figure 3. Work the 2-on-1 Break! The game now becomes a 2-on-1 situation for both teams. The two players at the base of each triangle (Blue 2 & 3 and Red 2 & 3) will attack the other team’s goal. The point of each triangle (Blue 1 and Red 1) will drop into the “Hole” to play Defense.

2 on 1 5 pass drill play 2 on 1 to goal

Figure 4. Play this 2-on-1 out to a goal or turnover. Get the ball to the open man and attack the goal quickly. These numbers advantage situations don’t last for more than a few seconds in a game.

As soon as a goal is scored or a turnover occurs on either end, set up 3 new players on each end of the field and run it all over again!


  • Stay spread out. Attackers should keep a 5- to 10-yard distance to pull the Defender out and create space in front of the goal for an open teammate.
  • “Play Defense from inside out.” Teach your Defenders to stay in the Hole to cover the middle of the field. Step out to stop the ball, then Recover quickly to the middle to help. The Goalies should be communicating when to “Hold!” and when to “Go!” stop the ball.
  • Be loud! Players should be communicating on Offense and Defense throughout the drill. Make sure they know what to say.
  • Keep the intensity up by keeping time and keeping score for each game. The losing team should do some full-field sprints, hill sprints, Up Downs, Push Ups, etc. Invite the winners to get in some conditioning too!
  • Make sure that all players are getting a chance to play both sides, Offense and Defense, which is crucial to developing well-rounded athletes.


For youth teams all the way up to the Pros, this fast-paced, high-intensity indoor/outdoor drill is great for ever player. Try it at your practice and let us know what you think on our Facebook page or at !