Major Indoor Lacrosse Association Coming

From InLax Philadelphia

Hello Lacrosse fans and sports fans in general, Kevin M. Neibauer here. Many of may remember a few months back we had a ‘One on One” interview with the owner of the New Jersey Rascals lacrosse team.

Nick Desrosiers, and his company, DC Sports & Entertainment LLC., own the team and we thought we would check in with Nick to see what he is involved in these days.

For those interested, DC Sports & Entertainment started out in 2006 as a sorts and entertainment firm which got its start as a holding company Silk City Ventures. The company became DC Sports & Entertainment ,LLC in 2009.

So, with no further ado, Kevin catches up with Nick and trust me, there are some very big surprises/announcements in this one….

KMN- Nick, we chatted a few months back. At that point, you had decided to shut down the operations of the New Jersey Rascals Lacrosse franchise…You have since made a huge sports acquisition. Talk about your baseball league….(yes league,,,not team),,,,

ND-“In January, we acquired the Northern League of Professional Baseball, an Independent minor league that was formed nearly 112 years ago in 1902 as one of the first affiliated leagues with Major League Baseball. We have been working very hard behind the scenes to restore this great brand back to its rightful place among the most prominent of professional sports leagues.”

KMN- The league has a storied past and a long history of big name players. Who are some of the names that we may know?

ND-“The league has had some amazing players since its first season in 1902, in its pre independent days the league had such
notable alumni as Hank Aaron, Joe Torre, Jim Palmer, and Lou Brock. In its modern play from 1993 on the league has had MLB All-Stars Darryl Strawberry, Leon “Bull” Durham and was a starting spot for All-Stars, JD Drew and Kevin Millar.

Since 1993 the league has more than 600 players sign with Major League teams.”

KMN- When will the new “version” of the league debut? Also, can you list some of the franchises?

ND-“Commissioner Dan Evans has the teams slated to debut in May of 2014 with teams being announced by June 15.

I think you, along with the rest of the general public will be very excited to see some of ownership groups we are putting out. From Hollywood starts to successful business men and women from across the nation. We are in prime position to achieve all of our first year goals. I cannot release all of the details but they have been heavily documented in several New Jersey papers of our dealings with interested groups in Sussex County, NJ.

That is probably the closest team to your area.”

KMN-Do you have any other “endeavors” that you would like to share?

ND-“Kevin, you me, we always have items cooking in the oven…we are working on several “key” ventures, along with our commitments with the Northern League, we have been hired as developer on the advisory board of both the United States Football League and the Major Indoor Lacrosse League, or “MIL”
We are working within our company, DC Sports & Entertainment, LLC to serve both of these leagues in a development capacity, sponsorship deals, vender deals, ownership opportunities in select markets, etc.

KMN-United States Football League? Is it an indoor league?

ND- “No, the USFL is the resurrected version of the United States Football League that operated from1983 until 1987 as a rival to the National Football League in markets not served by the NFL.”

KMN- Teams were owned by the likes of Kenny Rogers, Bert Reynolds and others…..

ND- “Yes, and Donald Trump owned the New Jersey Generals. It was a very productive league.”

KMN-Spring time league? Any ideas on cities involved?

ND- “I can’t release that info at this time, but one thing is for certain, we will NOT attempt to rival the NFL. Instead, work along side the NFL in a development/minor league capacity.

KMN- Ok Nick, back to the Rascals, what is going on with them?

ND- “The Rascals, we recently shut down the team website in an effort to evaluate our options as an entity without speculation of professional lacrosse league involvement.”

KMN-Is relocating the franchise an option?

ND- “No. I think Trenton is a great LAX market and we would love to see it through and deliver on our promise to the people.”

KMN- You mentioned a new lacrosse league, what can you tell us about that?

ND- I can tell you that it is a strong effort to push box lacrosse as a primary sporting option for players, fans and interested ownership groups. The league owners have noticed a great deal of scrutiny, deception and a major void of so called “development” of the professional game. So, now is as good a time as any to develop something new and we are pleased to be the leading company hired for the project.”

Once again, we want to thank Nick for taking time to talk with us….