Major League Lacrosse All Star Game Live Blog

Marisa Ingemi, Kyle Fletcher and Jack Goods will keep you updated tonight with all the latest from the MLL All Star game in Florida, which you can watch on ESPN2.

Opening Thoughts-

Marisa: The game starts in just about a half hour now, and we will see the best field lacrosse players on the planet duke it out. I like the Young Guns in this game. They have strong goaltending, defense and offensive skills. Keep following along for updates from myself, Kyle and Jack.

Jack: Should be a good one tonight, real interested to see how the attendance looks. This game is really important not only just as an All-Star game but a test of Florida. I’ve never been the biggest guy when it comes to All-Star games in sports, but it should at least be entertaining. I’m excited to see what they do with the skills competition at half time.

Kyle: I’m really excited for this All-Star Game. It’s full of star power and I’m expecting a high scoring exciting game. As Jack said, this game could determine whether or not Florida can get an MLL team in 2014. Can’t wait for this game to start, it’s gonna be a good one!

In Game Discussion-

7:15: According to himself on Twitter, David Earl will not be playing in the All-Star Game due to food poisoning. -J.G.

7:23: According to Laxdirt Ben Hunt is also out tonight, however he is out with an injury. -J.G.

Kyle: I’m really thinking Old School will win this one. I really like their roster.

7:37- As Jack said, no David Earl or Ben Hunt in this game. Old School is up 1-0 early. – MI

7:38- I’m experiencing technical difficulties right now…I’m watching it on ESPN3 on my Xbox and the feed is having difficulties. -Kyle

7:40pm- It seems like ESPN is having audio problems, and Kyle mentioned some issues as well. Right now the score is 3-1 Old School. Goals for the Old School team come from Brian Langtry, Chris Eck and Stephen Berger- MI

7:42- The audio is really bad, its on both ESPN 2 and ESPN 3. Barely watchable with sound. Lots of static. -J.G.

7:45- I’ve got 4-2 Old School after that Brendan Mundorf goal. -KF

7:49- Poillon was a nice diving-crease goal. 4-3 Old School. -KF

7:57- There is absolutely no audio now in the game. I just hope this doesn’t look really bad for the league. Terrible luck really. -J.G.

8:01- Great assist by Langtry. Makes it 5-4 Old SChool at the end of the 1st. -KF

8:05- The game so far has been great. Old School leads 7-4 after a goal from Paul Rabil of the Boston Cannons in the second quarter.- MI

8:11- A great huzzah for ESPN getting the audio all the way back after 40 minutes of the game. -JG

8:14- Finally have sound on my feed. -KF

8:20- Score is tied 8-8 right now, Casey Powell just had a nice goal. – MI

8:25- Poillon puts the Young Guns up 9-8 with a nice BTB (behind the back) goal off a rebound. -KF

8:32- Kyle Hartzell hits 111 mph! Ties Paul Rabil’s record for fastest shot. -KF

8:41- Hartzell wins the hardest shot easily and now it is on to the obstacle course- MI

8:45pm- Joel White of the Rochester Rattlers wins it by about a second over Chris Eck- MI

9pm- Brett Queener wins the freestyle contest- MI

9:03pm- The second half of the game opens up with a goal from Rabil. – MI

9:10- Gotta say, the attendance looks pretty good! -JG

9:16- Steve DeNapoli with his second goal of the night. – MI

9:17- Drew Westervelt with a goal for the Old School now- MI

9:18- DiNapoli was a nice goal from Jovan Miller. 13-12 Old School. -KF

9:21- And Buchanan rides his surfboard after his goal. With the long pole. 15-12 Old School. -KF

9:25- Always good to hear from the founder of MLL, Jake Steinfeld- MI

9:34- Score is 15-13 with twelve minutes left in the fourth quarter- MI

9:42- I still have a chance to have predicted the score right!

9:41- The game is tied with a little under four minutes left- MI

9:58- Old School wins it 18-17. Great game!

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