Major Series Lacrosse Back to 20 Game Schedule

In 2011, Major Series Lacrosse played a 20 game schedule, and reports indicate they will be back to that for the 2013 season. Each team will play each other four times, twice on the road and twice at home.

The league is also changing the playoff format with just four of the six teams making the playoffs, unlike all six like in 2012.

The semi finals will be between the first and fourth place teams and the second and third teams. Then the championship will be the two winners of those games with the fifth and sixth place teams not making the playoffs at all.

The season will start at the end of May just like it did last season. It will end around the start of August or the end of July. The MSL champion will head to British Columbia to take on the WLA champion in the Mann Cup after it was hosted in Peterborough in 2012.

Last season we saw a 14 game schedule. The league had prepared a schedule for that scenario along with the 20 game schedule they will now be going with.