Mammoth Succeeding with Roik Between the Pipes (For Now)

The Colorado Mammoth went into the 2013 season with a tough goaltender situation, with veteran Chris Levis coming in as the starter and Matt Roik as the backup. Roik had been coming off a terrible season starting with the Toronto Rock while their other backup Tye Belanger is out with a knee injury.

Colorado resigned Dan Lewis who had played in a few minutes of action last season, but Roik was going to be the starter. He defeated Minnesota giving up nine goals, but he lost this week to Washington giving up 13.

However, it is better than the 19 Levis allowed to Calgary, 17 to Washington and then 12 again to Calgary.

Roik’s goals against average this season is 12.62, 8th in the league for goalies who have played over 200 minutes. Nothing spectacular, but it is much better than the 18.92 from Levis that they were seeing. Roik is also 7th in the league in saves made with 144.

Roik was getting his playing too while Levis struggled, no doubt about that, and the story for this season and the goaltending situation is far from over. However, it seems like the Mammoth made the right decision to move away from Levis and decide to ride Roik, at least for the time being.