Meet a Future NLL Star: Carter Bender

Name: Carter Bender

Position: Forward

Teams: Rochester Rattlers, Brampton Excelsiors

Points: 25

Bender played his college lacrosse with the Hartford Hawks. A field and box lacrosse player, Bender has shown the ability to play both levels of lacrosse at a high level.

“I prefer box lacrosse because of the fast paced and compact game style.” says Bender. “Although I do enjoy some of the structure to field lacrosse, and love playing outside in the sun, who doesn’t.”

Bender played one game at the pro field level this season with the Rochester Rattlers, but he found himself with the Brampton Excelsiors where he picked up 25 points in fifteen games.

“The NLL is a league I’ve always wanted to play in, growing up watching the Rock I loved the intensity.” Bender said. “It’s the fastest lacrosse in the world. Best offensive players, and conversely the best defensive players in the game. I’m sure like Major, every shift is an absolute battle and very mentally and physically challenging.”

Bender is projected as a first round pick in most mock drafts, and Bender is certainly ready for the challenges of being a pro box player. “As for expectations I imagine the speed of the game will be much faster. Decision making time will be cut in half, which will force a quick adjustment or adaptation to the speed. Extremely talented players who I could learn from immensely, if I were given the opportunity to play with and against.”

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