Meet the MILA: Grand Rapids Dragonfish

One of the organizations in the Midwest Indoor Lacrosse Association is the Grand Rapids Dragonfish, today we take a look at them and their organization after talking to their owner Russell King.

1. What is the organizational goal?

We want to go about treating this team in the most professional manner. We run tryouts then 4 weeks of practices then get into the season. Our goals are to spread, teach and coach box lacrosse to Central and West Michigan. We want to get out and bring box lacrosse to the area like it is in Canada, from the youth to adult. We want to get our brand out there and showcase that talent that we can draw to the area and put an exceptional product on the floor. Being in a smaller market we are venturing out to the Lansing and Holland areas this year for home games to strike up some more interest in what and who the Dragonfish are.

2. Who are the players who have already made the roster?

Our roster can be found on our website, we have a lot of talent this year more so than last, and we look to build upon the success we had last season. We have guys from Canada and all around Michigan that come out and want to be a part of the Fish.

3. What are your thoughts on one of your players making an NLL team?

I have known, coached and played with Cam for a few years now, so it was very special for me seeing him make it to that level. Cam is a great kid and knew as hard as he works that he could go on and be successful at that next level. He makes everyone around him better. Tyler Harris also made the jump to the pros, he played in CLAX this past season and is a great guy to have on your side. Awesome, skillful player.

4. What are your thoughts on this year’s expansion?

Very excited to see! Chip has done and continues to do a great job going out there and striking up interest from teams around the country. This league is only going to continue to grow and get more competitive. It is going to be great to see more and more players that play in the MILA make that jump to the next level.

5. What can we expect with the Dragonfish and MILA?

Expect us to be competitive and ready to defend our title! We look forward to playing in the Eastern Division this year and meeting the new teams. We are going to be a mainstay for the MILA as of right now, we will be looking to do more of what the Outlaws did last year with trying to get games against NALL teams or any teams that want to play us. This year we have the depth to do that. We hope that possibly one day we can find and investor to take us to that next level and make the jump to MILA Pro or something along those lines.

6. Are you excited to have three games on The Lacrosse Radio Network? 😉

Very excited. I listen to some of the MSL games on there and I look forward to being a part of it. I know our radio guy is looking forward to it as well he has been my right hand man for 2 years now in my coaching rolls that i have had. I know as a team we have guys that have family in Canada and around the country that are excited that they can listen in!