MLL: Cannons hoping for booming success in 2020

Boston Cannons @ Chesapeake Bayhawks, August 17, 2019. (Photo credit: Laura Kupsey)

The Boston Cannons are hoping that 2020 is an explosive season that ends with them raising a championship trophy. The Cannons appear to have several advantages going into this season.

The first advantage they have is two returning goalies. Both Nick Marrocco and Don Madonna spent time between the pipes for the Cannons and know the calibre of play needed to walk away with the win.

A second advantage is that Boston is bringing two faceoff men with them. The position is a tough one. Both Kevin Reisman and Nate Farrell played for the Cannons last season. Although Reisman was the starter last season and most likely will be this season, look for Farrell to step up as needed and be ready to help light a spark at this challenging position.

Another challenging spot that the Cannons should be ready to drop the boom with is on offense. Mark Cockerton had a strong 2019 season. Look for him to lead the others as well as to make an impact right away. John Uppgren will fill a similar role. Randy Staats has been added so look for him to jump right into the attack. Bryce Wasserman should also be a solid attacker on this team.

The Cannons’ defense does not appear to be as strong as the attack, though they have a lot of the right pieces. The Cannons are hoping the right parts come together for success. Tim Edwards will be expected to lead the defense using the short sticks. They also have Zach Goodrich in their arsenal and the long poles will have Justin Pugal back from injury. They will also have Mike Skudin helping out on defense.

Head Coach Sean Quirk is also Boston’s Director of Player Personnel. He knows what the Cannons need to be successful. He has dealt with a lot of changes these last few years so he can handle the changes that pop up in the 2020 season.