MLL Checkin: Ohio Machine

The 2013 season has not been the sophomore season that the Ohio Machine, or their fans were expecting. The Machine had a ton of talent last season and added a bunch in the off-season via free agency and the draft. However, these pieces haven’t been put together correctly yet as the Machine still remains winless. However, there are a few bright spots for the Machine’s season thus far.

Steele Stanwick

            Steele Stanwick may just have been one of the most talked about players heading into this season. He played extremely well when he joined the Machine last season. He was beyond impressive with his passing ability. He how is leading the Machine in points during his sophomore season. He has six assists and four goals. He’s been one of the only bright spots that the Machine have to offer, and what a bright spot he is.

Joe Cummings

            Cummings has only played three out of the four games for the Machine but has been a center piece to their offense. Cummings has recorded seven points over those three games on five goals and two assists. The Machine will need him to keep pace with his offensive production if they hope to turn this season around.

Marcus Holman

            Holman made his MLL debut on the twenty-third as the Machine fell to the Nationals. However, Holman still shined in his debut. Holman had a four point game on a two-point goal and two assists. With this single game, he is ranked third on the Machine’s roster in points on the season.

Scott Rodgers vs. Stefan Schroder

            The slow start to this season can be connected to the poor player of the Machine’s goalkeepers. They began the season with last year’s keep Stefan Schroder in the net, but he struggled. He allowed a goal allowed average of 13.15. The Machine then went with Rodgers with higher expectations. However, that didn’t turn out as planned. Rodgers has a GAA of 14.90

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