MLL Draft Recap: Denver Outlaws

In the 2014 MLL Collegiate Draft the Outlaws acquired some exceptional players that will add depth, speed and agility to their already strong roster of veteran players and draft picks from the Supplemental Draft as well.

I asked Outlaws General Manager Tony Seaman about each of their draft picks and here’s what he had to say.

“The college draft is always a very interesting situation which we try to go into each year with several key points in mind. What do we need to make us better and what does our future look like as far as age and availability of our roster right now? With this in mind we are also very aware of drafting the best player available at each position.

Jeremy Noble is an outstanding offensive lacrosse player who can also play well at the defensive end of the field so he gives us a two way middie which you can never have enough of in the MLL. He is a well known name in the Denver area as one of the best players on the DU team for the past three years and will be again this season.

Brent Hiken is an outstanding college face off midfielder and every team is always looking for that next great face-off man. We especially like the fact that he has been coached for the past four years by Paul Cantabene who was the best face off man in the country not only in college but in the MLL and the NLL.

“We needed a couple of tough guys to add to our already very deep defensive picture and we believe that Ty Sounders and James Connelly give us that type of player. Skilled, tough and nasty. Exactly what we are looking for.

“With Adam Fullerton moving to Florida we felt that the Florida Launch will give him an excellent chance to play in his new home town and that caused us to look for a goalie in this year’s draft. We believe Jamie Faus fits the bill in that department and at the same time gives our Denver fans a name that they are very familiar with as he is the star of the DU team.

“McIntosh, Fernandez, Ellis and Dunster round out our draft selections and are all key members of their present college teams and bring offensive skills to our roster.

We believe it is an outstanding college draft class, but you never know for sure until they get their chance to compete in the MLL. Then we will find out for sure.”

This year the Outlaws will bring an even stronger team to the MLL and I believe that the new acquisitions will not only fit in well with the current members of the team, but I see another record breaking season again in 2014.