NALL Power Rankings: Boston at the Head

The North American Lacrosse League season kicked off with two teams in action last week, and this week we will see all four. Boston has a win and Kentucky a loss, which means we can start looking at some power rankings for the league.

1. Boston Rockhoppers 1-0

Boston picked up a nice one goal win on the road this week without Malcolm Chase or Mike Stone in their lineup. This week they have their first home game of the season against a Baltimore roster that looks mighty tough. Boston might match up well with a strong transition game against a cold team who has not yet played, but either way it will be a tough match.

2. Baltimore Bombers

Baltimore might have the best roster in the league, and there is no doubt they have the most box experience. Led by Hunter Francis who has NLL coaching experience, Baltimore is one of the favorites for the championship. It will be tough for their first game to be on the road against a team coming off of a win, which is why they are number two in week one.

3. Kentucky Stickhorses 0-1

Even if Kentucky could have pulled off the one goal win, there has to be a lot of questions around this team right now. The offensive unit is not what they thought it was without Joel Zalesky there, however Travis Bland showed strong ability and the defense was top notch. They play at home again this week and have a chance to get back on track.

4. Rhode Island Kingfish

Rhode Island has had issues before the season even started with their arena and now they have to travel south to Kentucky against a team coming off of a tough loss. Rhode Island has a rough road all season long and it’s very hard to see it going well in Kentucky for them.