Nationals Vs. Lizards Unit by Unit

Natoinals Attack Vs. Lizards Attack

Both teams pose an all-around threat on offense, the Nationals rely on Syracuse grads Cody Jamieson who has been effective in only 8 games (20 points) and Stepehn Keough (25 goals). The Lizards attack is led by Tommy Palasek, Matt Gibson, and Greg Catalino. If Gibson can stay energetic behind the cage and continue feeding Palasek and Catalino with quick passes the Lizards offense should be extremely effective against an aging Nationals defense. The Lizards starting attack averages 2.468 points per game individually compared to the Nationals 2.71. With a fast paced Canadian style attack, the Nationals have a slight advantage over Long Island in this matchup.

Nationals Midfield Vs. Lizards Midfield

The Nationals, while having a dwindling record, boast one of the top midfield lines in the MLL with Joe Walters, Kevin Crowley, and Earl David (combined for 103 points) have bad luck in facing another all-around talented midfield in Long Island boasting All-Star Max Seibald, Brian Langtry, and Stephen Peyser (98 points). Hamilton has the top midfielder (and player) of the game in Joe Walters (42 points) but Seibald (36 points) is also a force to reckon with and proves this is a two man clash of the titans. The Nationals, having LSM Brodie Merrill proceed in the end to have the better midfield by a slight margin.

Nationals Defense/Goalie Vs. Lizards Defense/Goalie

The Nationals have Merrill and two talented goalies switching the pace of play in Queener and Scott Rodgers. The Lizards have the better, younger defense led by CJ Costabile and Parker McKee as well as a great keeper in Drew Adams. The Lizards have a large advantage.

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